Nature - the Key to your Health & Well-being

live naturewise: physical, emotional, mental & meaningful

Grow your inner power
by building a solid foundation for yourself and your life.

Dance to the rhythm of the seasons.
In connection with nature around you and in yourself.
Live from your heart and share a vision,
with your feet firmly on the ground.

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Join us to engage with a diverse community of therapist, storytellers, lightworkers and adventurers,
foster meaningful relationships, and unlock endless possibilities together.
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"Health is not a condition that one introspectively feels in oneself.
Rather it is a condition of being there, of being in the world,
of being together with other people,
of being taken in by an active and rewarding engagement
with the things that matter in life.

It is the rhythm of life,
a permanent process in which equilibrium re-establishes itself."

Hans-Georg Gadamer, philosopher


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